At Mycelium we offer two Keynotes. One aimed at leaders and a second with a focus on all team members. Both Keynotes help our clients promote conversation on burnout, resilience and culture within their organisation.

A 2022 Deloitte report found that 70% of workers have experienced diagnosable burnout symptoms in their current role, and 51% of them are experiencing burnout right now. Why are employees burning out en-masse? And what can be done about it, given our technology-enabled, always-on, culture? 

Endurance to Resilience Keynote: Surviving and thriving in a burnout pandemic:

Ideal for professionals working under pressure who want to adopt best practice strategies, this keynote will provide attendees with a new frame for understanding burnout and equip them with an actionable roadmap for building their resilience.

Leading Beyond Burnout Keynote: how to create healthy, high performing culture:

Ideal for leaders seeking to understand the drivers and business consequences of the burnout paradigm in their organisation, and the pathway to shifting their culture into high wellbeing and performance.

Keynotes include the following features:

  • Speakers share their mental health journey, encouraging a safe opportunity for participants to open up on their own stories.
  • Analysis of the individual and cultural drivers of the burnout paradigm.
  • Anonymous polling to gauge burnout baseline of participants, providing you with rich data to share with your leadership team.
  • Practical, actionable takeaways to implement going forwards.


With years of experience in the fields of personal resilience and workplace wellbeing, our executive team and lead specialists provide expert, innovative and listening-led consulting. In addition to bespoke projects, our consulting services cover the following areas:

We assess the needs of organisations by identifying the level of psycho-education and capabilities of their people, and the health and quality of the working culture. To do this we combine two approaches – focus groups and quantitative baselining. With expert facilitation we hold group discussions to get under-the-hood of the lived experience of colleagues at all levels of seniority, whilst implementing both psychometric and engagement surveys to capture key data.

We consult with colleagues to assess current work-design fitness. This involves focus groups and surveys with a specific focus on exploring formal, informal and hidden norm-systems within the organisation around meeting and protected-time culture, remote/hybrid working, workload management, in-person community and the office environment. Based on these data we provide a set of recommended work-design strategies which create a healthier working culture based on the real needs of colleagues.

We guide clients on a journey to implement an evidenced-based, needs-driven wellbeing strategy. We gather insights based on all levels of the organisation and accurate, under-the-hood benchmarking, incorporating local and department-specific perspectives. We specialise in building 3-5 year wellbeing policy, providing a scaffold for ongoing measurement and baselining, the implementation and evaluation of targeted initiatives with established RoI, maximising engagement and formalising both internal and external reporting.

We assess organisational readiness for the new ISO 45003 certification for positive psychosocial workplaces, the first global standard guiding employers on workplace mental health and wellbeing. To make organisations ISO 45003-compliant, we:

    1. Audit organisations to understand the gaps – how the current state matches up to ISO 45003 requirements
    2. Highlight recommended strategies to get up to ISO standard
    3. Outline longer-term psychosocial health strategy to maintain & manage psychosocial risk


We draw on our lived experience of overcoming mental health problems to intuitively and authentically connect with groups within organisations, providing them with the stories, maps and tools required to overcome barriers to personal and organisational thriving.

There are 3 foundations to all of our programmes – our DNA includes:

  • Behaviour change – Combining the science of developmentalism, habit-formation and peer-to-peer solidarity to change the rhythms, routines and habits of participants 
  • Scalability – To change culture you need critical mass, and our programmes are designed to be economically and logistically scalable without losing depth and outcomes
  • Lasting impact – Our programmes are designed to affect long-term change, so organisations can plan for the future and meet the deepest vision for their business

Our expertise is in durational journeys led by authentic, expert instructors, delivered in-person, online or via E-learning, combined with innovative peer-support.


  • Regulating the nervous system
  • Neutralising unhelpful thought patterns
  • Navigating emotions and overwhelm


  • Creating work-life balance
  • Managing energy and sustainable productivity
  • Dealing with conflict constructively

Managers & Leaders

  • Role-modelling & shifting team dynamics
  • Psychological safety & openness
  • Providing effective support

Allies & Advocates

  • Movement Building
  • Telling Your Story
  • Peer Support & Accountability

For more information on our programmes, book a free Discovery Call with one of our Consultants, and we will be more than happy to discuss in detail.

Wellbeing Futures Network

We have launched the Wellbeing Futures Network, a community of practice for Leaders who are prototyping a deeper form of change, who recognise the need to reimagine how workplace wellbeing is approached within organisations.

We are connecting a global network of change makers who are pioneering new thinking and practices aimed at cultural and business transformation, including leaders across disciplines, from Wellbeing, Culture and Human Resources to Learning & Development and Health & Safety.

The Wellbeing Futures Network centres around annual in-person gatherings, which aim to build an experience of community, pay a lot of attention to building high trust relationships, explore the collective intelligence of all present and co-create novel solutions to shared problems. Network members are supported by ongoing bi-weekly meet-ups and quarterly online seminars.