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Four Keynotes driving Sustainable Performance

Engage, inspire and equip your critical talent with the long-term mindsets, skills, and behaviours to sustain performance.

Performance by Design

What are the best personal performance practises that enable long-term effectiveness?

Resilience by Design

What strategic self care approaches strengthen personal resilience most effectively?

Leading Teams To Psychological Safety

How can managers foster a culture of psychological safety to unlock team flourishing and innovation?

Leading Teams Through Change

What critical leader proficiencies are required to lead teams through transformation and disruption?

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Unlocking Sustainable Performance through award-winning behaviour change programmes

Reskilling and upskilling all colleagues

Improving performance and maintaining long-term resilience.

Leader competencies & proficiencies

Managing change, psychological safety and effective support.

People Strategy Consulting

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We ask you questions you haven’t asked yourself and provide you with a clear path forward.

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Backed by Innovate UK, we combine digital learning with our ‘Invisible Infrastructure™ methodology to create a unique approach to scaling behaviour change.

Mycelium is now the Sustainable Performance partner to top global pharmaceutical company Novartis.

Featured Client Stories

Unlocking Sustainable Performance at Morningstar
Unlocking Sustainable Performance at Morningstar
Morningstar started working with Mycelium in 2020 to lower the threshold around discussing Mental Health for our workforce. For managers we started with the Mixed Mental Arts personal resilience course, which we have run several times per year for various cohorts with very positive feedback. The follow-up question we got was how managers could support their teams in fostering resilience and dealing with stress during challenging and ever-changing times. Therefore, we ran Mycelium’s “Building Resilient Teams” programme for the first time in spring and we will run another iteration in fall 2023. This training proved to be very compelling and inspiring to all participants, and included modules on role-modeling, creating psychological safety, communicating and listening, and providing both preventative and reactive support to colleagues. The proof is that most of our busy managers kept attending the sessions during the full 16 weeks. The 8 live sessions were alternated by internal ‘Town Halls’ to recap the content and to discuss experiences and questions in smaller groups. This is an excellent format to keep everybody engaged. The engaging way the senior trainer ran the course and opened the floor to discuss challenges, the many easily applicable tools to build resilience and manage stress in teams, the discussions we could have with peers in the safe setting created by Mycelium, were invaluable assets of this training. The fact that even after the course the group chose to keep meeting on a weekly basis to review the content and share experiences in applying the tools, says a lot. I would certainly recommend working with Mycelium and give this training a go.
Fortifying the Resilience of Simply Healths leadership pipeline

The team at Mycelium ran two programmes for our leaders and managers, one to help them compassionately lead the wellbeing of their teams, and the MMA personal resilience programme for colleagues to help build self-awareness, self-management and self-care. The facilitators were exceptional at creating the perfect environment for honest conversations through the balance of their expertise and deep level of personal sharing, which was truly authentic. The balance of sharing psychological theory and models and techniques to help improve levels of resilience and self-care, was impressive. This has resulted in leaders being more conscious of how to nurture wellbeing in their team, creating the psychological safety needed for an organisation undergoing significant change. Our Health and Wellbeing score has risen from 7.9 to 8.2, which in part is due to the success of the programme. I would highly recommend these programmes to anyone, as post-covid there is never a better time to reflect on our own self-care and that of others.

Driving crucial conversations at Ofgem

Mycelium has supported Ofgem to develop the capabilities of our Leaders and Colleagues at Ofgem through the provision of a range of innovative and engaging masterclasses. Development of capabilities to support effective communication helped leaders be able to manage effective conversations with their teams, something that was avoided in the past. The content of the masterclass sessions helped inspire leaders and colleagues develop their personal and team well-being and provided them with new ways of thinking. A great partner to work with and was always flexible, adaptable, and professional when changes happened at short notice. I would highly recommend Mycelium services to anyone fortunate to engage with them.

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